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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What is your passion?

Have you looked for your passion lately or have you been too busy with the mundane living of life to truly find your joy?  It's easy to fall into the trap of just getting by. There are always those daily chores which seem to never end facing you each day. Then there are some obligations, errands, and list items. Soon the day is gone. There are a lot of quotes out there about living life to the fullest, carpe Deim and so forth. But you know when you are in your bliss state. You know how when you are doing something that you truly enjoy  you enter a calm relaxing mode and time doesn't even pass. There is tat which brings you utmost pleasure. Do you find time for that in your daily routine? Why not?  We know that time will go by, and quickly, no matter if you are folding clothes or reading a great book. I have been very guilty of not making time for art. Other things got in the way and I let them. Soon I put the art materials away in a closet and only pulled them out briefly to see if the love was still there. But by then I was rusty and dissatisfied with the results and got discouraged. But I found out last week that it is still my bliss. When I was sitting in the glorious surroundings of the Buffalo Botanical Gardens last Monday taking a watercolor class I knew the joy of making art. I was lost in the bliss  I felt such joy and happiness. I must make time for that...I must!


  1. Wow! We are thinking along the same lines, aren't we? I'm so glad to have wise blog friends. Your post is an encouragement to me and believe me, I'm going to get back to working on that bliss!

  2. Just pack them up and go :) Pack a little lunch in case you are so mesmerized in your surroundings :)


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