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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Can you say...whew!

Ryan is here and helping us get some projects done. Last week he painted the front of the garage and today he, Jenny and I worked in the attic for a few hours. The attic has become a storage spot. Of course there are the usual items...seasonal decorations. I know I have too many fall, spring, and Christmas decorations and each season I am finding that I put out less and less. I try to get rid of things that I am not using during each season. I try to make things easier on myself now. 
  Then there are those antique items that Don and I so enjoyed collecting when we were younger...pottery jugs, hurricane lamps, etc. I also once tried stained glass but didn't sustain the interest so I have a few boxes of materials that need to be gone from the attic along with some ice fishing gear of hubby's. 
  The kids were really helpful in sorting things for trash and sale. It is more organized now and put away neatly. It is wonderful to have help with a big job like this.  

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  1. Wow!! That is great!! Things that you have wanted to do for a while is done now!! So pleased for you Peggy and Don :)


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