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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Outside my window....the flowers are beginning to fill out in the pots. 
I am thinking...there is never time in my life to get bored. 
I am thankful....for having at least one room with a window air conditioner. 
In the kitchen...lots of fruit. 
I am wearing...white pants, a bright blue tank and colorful multicolored blouse with turquoise jewelry.
I am creating...not so much this week. Just enjoying doing nothing 
I am reading...there are books waiting for me when I get time. 
I am looking forward to...playing with my little ones this week. 
I am hearing....last night I heard Willie Nelson and family on tv singing his new album. 
I am learning...new things on the ipad all the time. I have discovered you can listen to radio stations.  Is there anything the ipad can't do?

Mexican Heather


  1. Have a fabulous time with your itty bitty ones :)

    I'll see you when we see each other :)

    Love you

  2. I love reading these things you're thankful for. There is so much in life that's a miracle, isn't there?


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