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Monday, June 03, 2013

He looks so sweet, doesn't he?

Top Gun looks so lazy and contented taking a nap on the back of the sofa. Who would know that he is lethal? He was a stray in North Carolina near my sister's home. When a house burned nearby he showed up a few weeks later. He eventually came north to our house. I didn't let him out for a few months just to make sure that he wouldn't run away. I took him to the vet for neutering first. He is the most loving cat you've ever seen. He loves people and when there is company he is sure to make an appearance. But when he is outdoors he turns into a killing machine. Numerous rodents have lost their lives due to his sharp claws and patience. I have seen him hiding so quietly just a few feet from a squirrel munching on seeds. He usually leaves his prey in a row outside the house. But occasionally he will bring one in to play with. Just the other day he walked into the kitchen with a chipmunk in his mouth. When he let it go I was practically up on a chair. Then Top Gun just very nonchalantly walked away leaving us to deal with the scared creature. I won't tell you the rest f the story except to say that don took care of it.  Right now we have quite a few chipmunks and squirrels running all over the place gathering the seeds from the maple tree. Sadie has also decided to take up the hunt. 
Once she sees a chipmunk run under a rock she will stay there all day waiting for its return. 

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  1. I know, I know but for me, the whole thing is comical....If you see a chippie now, don't alert Sadie to it, or she will stalk it 24/7 :)

    Love you


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