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Saturday, June 29, 2013

The library experience

We are so fortunate to have a beautiful library here in Bradford. Yesterday I took Sean and Sara to borrow a few books and videos. They were so excited when they saw the children's room. The first thing Sara saw was that they had toys. She immediately gravitated to the crib ad picked up the doll. She found the stroller and was content. There was also a play area with a sink, and complete kitchen with lots of plates p, cups and pans. She joined in a tea party with some of the older girls. It was craft day and she loved making her pirate hat. There was an antique dollhouse in a case and she was fascinated with it and pointed out all the small details to me. It's hard to believe she is only two. 


  1. Rebecca10:14 PM

    Did you know that doll house was Barbara Smith's.


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