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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Finally a flower

,Georgia O'Keeffe
“If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for a moment.” 
― Georgia O'Keeffe

The spring flower bed is coming out. The grape hyacinths abundant this year   I'll have to transfer a few to another spot.  

Who cannot love a daffodil?

You can see the leaves of the climbing hydrangea starting to grow. We put out our swing for the year and I bought some new party lights   Come on summer...I'm ready for you. 


  1. You have flowers, Peggy Take care!! So do we! Good riddance, winter. Well, for my family in Calgary, there is still SNOW! A foot at least last Saturday! I went once to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe ~ just amazing! And speaking of flowers, I was stunned to find hundreds of gorgeous lilacs in full bloom in Taos on a Memorial weekend a decade or more ago. I never thought of lilacs in the high desert of New Mexico. I'm rambling! I'm sorry. Your flowers brightened my day!

  2. Your spring flowers are beautiful! And a welcome sight. Thank you for letting me know the verification setting was on on my blog. I never looked. I will take it off as soon as I have a second to look at it. :)

  3. hooray for tangible signs of spring!!!

  4. what is it always about blue flowers? i just catch my breath!
    and o'keeffe... she is the best.
    here's to spring not only coming but really staying for you for awhile!


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