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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

View from the porch swing

Don got me some flowers for Mother's Day. I'm not sure yet where I want to plant them. Today it is almost eighty...yes, eighty. I am siting on my swing on the breezeway. This is the most wonderful spot since the breeze through the woods funnels right through here making it a cool spot to sit. I could almost be put to sleep by the ringing of the chimes and the chirping of the birds. Can you say heaven?

   I've been awake since five am. A big thunderstorm rolled through here and Sadie started to shake so bad she woke me up. I stayed awake to comfort her. I guess she's tired too. 

Top gun is so unhappy that he has to stay in. He doesn't understand that if he would eat a mouse it might spike his sugar and kill him. It's only for two weeks till we get him regulated. Poor baby. It's torture for an outdoor cat like him. 


  1. You are again able to enjoy your swing!!!

    It seems amazing that you cat could have been an outdoor cat, so close to the woods. It will probably live a longer life, now being inside. Not by choice but by necessity.

    1. He only has to be inside for two wek. Then he can get back to his normal life.


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