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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Girls and their mothers

I was born in Elberton, Georgia which was my mother's home town. We lived in Savannah and then DuBois, Pennsylvania. When I was five we moved to Bradford where I have lived most of my life. The picture above shows my mother and I in front of my grandmotherly house. I lost my mother in 2000. She was quite a lady. My mother was soft spoken, creative and generous. She knew how to throw a party. She was kind and a fabulous mother. I miss her every day. 

This is mom and I on top of Stone Mountain in Georgia. Looking at this picture I recall all the good times we had. My mother was an excellent cook. A few years ago my sisters and I ate at Paula Deen's restaurant in Savnnah and it was just like eating at our table growing up. 

I never had a daughter but I've been fortunate to have a sweet daughter in law and a darling granddaughter. 

HAPPY mother's DAY to all the mommies out there. 

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  1. I was lucky to have a daughter, first. :-) All any one wants, is a healthy baby of course. But it was great fun for me, to begin with a daughter. And then, we lost our second daughter, at a day and a half. But went on to have 2 sons. And some of each, in the "grands". :-) (3 girls and 3 boys)

    You got your darling daughter and grand daughter, through marriage. And now you have more time, to revel in her little sweetness. :-)



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