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Monday, May 05, 2014

Lafayette, we are here.

I don't know what that saying means but my dad always said it when we arrived home. Linda has this saying on the door of her house. So I was curious and goggled it. Here is what I found. 

Lafayette was the French commander who came to the aid of the revolutionary forces during the War of Succession, called the War of Independence, from Great Britain. Washington and Congress promised him that they would return the assistance when it was needed. There was no US involvement during the French Revolution so when US troops finally arrived in France during WWI, this was their calling card. It was uttered by General Pershing's. Aide. 

We were happy to get home to Bradford after a four hour trip from Chris' house this morning. Don had stayed there while I went on to Fredericksburg. He helped Chris remove wallpaper from his kitchen and paint. They also did some electrical re wiring and installed some new lights. 

The sale went well considering the flea market that we went to was very small. I sold some crocks, a hat pin collection and an antique child's ironing board. We took some things that didn't sell to a consignment store so we will see how they do.  The rest went to Goodwill. A few select things I brought and left at Chris' house for a sale later. 

  I came back with a sunburn since it was in the low eighties both days. It was so nice to see that glorious sun and all that beautiful green. I didn't miss Bradford's 47 degrees this weekend. It did make me ready to put out our summer things. 

I had a great time with Linda  it's always fun to be together. 

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  1. I think I could use Don and Chris at my house. all they have to say when they arrive is, "Lafayette, we are here!" and I'll know you sent them! LOL!


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