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Friday, May 09, 2014

Sadie was a bad little girl, what else is new?

Yes, that is Sadie under the towel. I just gave her a bath and Don is drying her. We told her that she was not allowed to take a swim in the pond yet. We haven't cleaned it out and it is full of tadpoles and yucky leaves. She listened...oh yes, she listened well. Until we went in the house. Them she took her dip.  
  Today went well with Top Gun. I only had to draw blood twice but already his readings are coming down. Hopefully these pills will work. It's easy to give. I just mix it in a little tuna fish juice. Maybe it's just my imagination but he already looks like he gained a tiny amount of weight. He had lost five pounds since Christmas. 
  Good health news too for me. I had an eye doctor appointment and good an excellent report. Some of you may not know the ordeal I went through with my eye in 2007. It involved a cyst, a macular hole and surgery where I had to keep my head down for a half an hour every hour for two weeks. I still have wonky vision in that eye. But it is doing as well as it can. I can't see well out of it and can't read with it. Anyway, everything was good and I was pleased. 
  It was another amazingly warm day. Don and I worked outside again.

The box woods we had planted on the bank barely survived. When Don dug them up their roots were in water. Our clay soil is very bad for plants and the hole we had dug was full of water. So we are putting them in planters instead. Don and I are not garden ears and didn't know about digging up and preparing the soil. We,ll know better next time. We are going to put river rock around Tatiana now. 


  1. oh... good news.
    top gun getting better... and you too! just in time to enjoy a beautiful spring!

    1. and sadie.... well.... dear sweet innocently filthy little Sadie... LOLOLOLOL!!!!! LOVE IT!

  2. Ohhhhh but that pond looked soooooo inviting!!! -grin-

    happy for the good news, around your place. :-)


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