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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Are you using Blogger?

If you don’t like tech talk you can skip this post. When I got my new computer with windows 10 a lot of things were lost. One of them was Windows Live Writer, a platform that I used to create my blog posts. After trying to download it and researching it I found out that it was not compatible with Windows 10. That made me very frustrated because that meant that I would have to use the Blogger way of posting which required me to download pictures from my Photo Gallery. Since my internet speed is slow that meant that the pictures would take quite a while to load and if I had a lot there was a lot of wasted time there.

   But Hallelujah! While looking for something else I discovered Open Live Writer which is Live Writer on steroids. I was able to download it without any problems and now use it to do my posting. And the most wonderful thing about it is that you can just drag and drop pictures into the post quickly. It just made my blogging life so much easier.


I don’t know if you Blogger users out there have tried it but it is simple to do and makes great posts. I highly recommend it!



  1. i thought you were on break!
    I will NEVER willingly go to windows 10.
    but the peanut is in word press and FINALLY ...
    they have left the way you place pictures in your posts ALONE.
    they kept tampering with it until it drove people crazy.
    maybe they got enough complaints that they've quit for awhile.
    but this is great info in case i ever get up nerve enough to do a blog on blogger!
    and now...
    off to check on the post i missed! xo

  2. It can be so frustrating when you have to figure out new ways of doing things. I am glad you figured it out. I haven't upgraded to Windows 10 but know I need to.

  3. I'm on an "old" iMac. So many of the Pc things, don't fit on a Mac.

    I simply blog. And always have. So guess it is "With Blogger". :-)

    Have no need to mess with any Windows things.

    Have also heard Terror Stories about Windows 10, so I'd advise anyone contemplating that upgrade, to research it, first.

    Gentle Spring hugs,


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