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Friday, March 18, 2016

It's time for Spring


It's time for the changing of the seasons. In 2006 when I started blogging I named my blog Season to Season. Going from one season to another is a way of marking time passing. There is a freshness to moving into a new season of the year. And there is no better season for freshness than Spring. It's a renewal after a long winter. The days suddenly become longer as daylight hours move into evening. The trees and bushes start to show buds popping out and you know soon flowers and leaves will follow. The snow piles are gone and the green grass begins to grow. You notice robins pecking at the ground hunting worms. Change is in the air as you switch from heavy winter coats and scarves to a lighter jacket.

The house decorations change too. Pine cones are replaced by flowers and bunnies. This cutie was found at Hobby Lobby. Since there is just a week left before Easter I won't be putting out the usual baskets and eggs. I'm moving right into Spring. This weekend I'll get out my Spring wreath for the front door.

With the coming of Spring comes Spring cleaning and nesting. And I feel the need to eliminate all that I can from each room. I will be sorting and purging..if that is possible. And organizing what is left. I want to do all the inside cleaning before the really nice weather comes and I want to spend all the time I can outside.

And I need to make more time to pursue the online photography art course I am taking as well as finding time to take some photos and read. When I retired I heard many people tell me that you are so busy that you wonder how you found time to work. I feel the same way. I keep very busy and am always wanting more hours in the day than I have.

Are you ready for the change of seasons? Do you have any routines that happen at this time of year? Which is your favorite season?



  1. Like you I am cleaning and purging like crazy. If it is not beautiful or useful it goes to family members, Goodwill or the landfill. I want to be outside as much as possible in nice weather. My favorite season is autumn. I feel more energized in autumn. To me autumn is the New Year.

  2. you won't believe this... but even I am paring down! LOLOL! I know you think... what have i got left?
    there's always something to donate.
    and it feels so refreshing to do that and clean! like you say... instinctively getting ready for spring and summer. XOXO
    oh p.s.
    what a fun little game... that pie in the face.
    i'm thinking even jacob would get a kick out of that! i would too!

  3. I've always loved the name of your blog for just those reasons. Each change of the seasons is pleasing and has its blessings. In packing to move came my chance to purge, something I probably could not have done otherwise.

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