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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Our Easter Table

Season to season and so it changes. Spring is on its way and today it is sixty three degrees and sunny. With the nice weather and sunshine also comes the spring chores. The backyard is full of dead fallen branches that need to be cleaned up. And those pesky oak leaves always the last to fall are gathered in places pushed there by the winds. But all in good time. Today is Easter Sunday and I am preparing our holiday meal to be shared with my good friend Linda.


The centerpiece is a low basket filled with violets, lilies of the valley and a cabbage.



Those two little chicks stand guard.

You remember the silver egg craft. My bunny mold arrangement is sitting on the table in front of the window.


This lovely piece I found at my favorite resale shop in Knoxville.

I love this vase that my sister bought for me.

In my kitchen a rabbit poses by an old Peter Rabbit book.



I hope you enjoyed my little Easter tour. Have a wonderful holiday.


  1. i did enjoy the tour.
    your easter table is just beautiful!
    i've had some catching up to do with you!

  2. I'm speechless! I don't know what to say. "Good grief" popped in my head ~ but I don't want you to take it the wrong way. How can so much creative talent flow out of one small person? Your floral arrangement is gorgeous, vibrant. Would it ever cross my mind to juxtapose a cabbage with rosemary and lily of the valley? No! And look at those little fiddleheads behind the bunny with the beautiful silver eggs. So many lovely details. again, thank you fro sharing, Peggy!


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