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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What's going to happen today?


Sara's little dog Zoe was the runt of her litter. She is almost two years old and still is the size of a puppy. She is so sweet and loves to be held. Whenever you sit down she jumps right in your lap. She is almost like a living stuffed animal.


Yesterday I had my art lesson for the week. I have really enjoyed taking this class and painting in oils. It hasn't been easy and I need to really concentrate on what I am doing but I'm so happy that I am doing it. I talked about it for years. There are some things that you do and it puts you in bliss. While you are doing it you don't think about anything else because you are in a different stae. What do you do that puts you in that blissful state?

I'm also working on my computer class in Photo Artistry. The course is huge and by that I mean that there are many videos to watch and tons of downloads. I am learning a lot. Luckily I have used Photoshop Elements for many years now and am familiar with it. That was a big learning curve. It took me a long time to learn that. Now the things I'm learning are expanding on what I know. The goal is to take photos and turn them into works of art that can be printed out.

I am also trying to squeeze in some reading time. Currently I'm reading After the Crash and waiting for me is Shonda Rhimes book The Year of Yes and Maeve Binchey's colection of short stories called A Few of the Girls.

In between all of that I'm organizing. Yesterday I purchased a large metal shelf unit. Don put it together and we carried it down to our basement extra room to add some additional storage. Today I hope to go down there and organize. Our basement has always been a place to put all that "stuff". But for years now I have been paring down and reorganizing. We find that there are things we just wouldn't be using now. My goal is to paint the basement floor.

When I retired my biggest worry was that I wouldn't have enough to do to keep me busy. Guess I shouldn't have worried about that!


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