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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Such goings on


Do you see those ten men at the foot of our driveway? A few days ago small flags appeared to mark the gas lines and sewer lines and today men in yellow coats showed up. We had taken my car out to be detailed and when we arrived back there they were with all their five trucks. A man in charge explained to Don that they were going to reinforce the telephone pole at the bottom of the driveway.

In this picture you can also see the daffodils on the other side of the fence which are starting to bloom and the other spring flowers shooting up. Soon the area will be covered with blooms. It is wonderful when the colors come out again. Also you may notice something new...a concrete column. When we were in Roanoke we went to an estate sale and I came home with that. This year I'm afraid we may have to cut down the weeping chery tree. Last year it was dying. I thought it might make it but it was hopeless. I'm going to wait until after Spring to see if any leaves come out on the branches..at least giving it a chance.

Today it is rainy and warmer but the forecast warns of colder weather for the weekend. Don has been sick with a cold this week and has a bad cough. Since he has COPD he has to be careful about that. I"m reading the Maeve Binchy book of short stories now curling up under an afghan. A good thing for a rainy day. I did print out a checklist of Spring chores. There is something fulfilling about crossing things off a list. Looking out the windows on a sunny day makes you ready for window washing. (DId I say that?)

Wherever you are and whatever you do today I hope that you are doing something you love. Each day is precious.



  1. oh what a gorgeous view you have.
    i'm sad about your tree. one never hates to lose a tree.
    the sun is shining here today. yesterday was our cloudy day.
    my window has been open both days!
    hope your dear man is well soon.

  2. well. NEVER hates to lose a tree? LOL! oh tammy.
    i'm doing more and more of that lately. crossing things up.
    meaning one thing saying another. must watch more closely.
    slowing down might help! what is the saying...
    get your thoughts in order before you put your mouth in gear?
    or something like that!

  3. It is always scary when those little colored flags appear in your yard and you have no idea why. :) We had to cut down a catalpa tree this past winter. I was so sad. It was rotting in the center and leaning toward the house. I will miss its flowers this spring. I hope your tree makes it another year. Enjoy your day!

  4. So sorry about your beautiful weeping cherry tree, Peggy! But if you're like me, and I suspect you are, you'll remember that tree always in its many moods.If I were Don, I'd be afraid to let you out of the house ~ a concrete column? What treasure will you drag home next? LOL and hugs!


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