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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Some randomness on a Saturday


This is a phot o I took of Children's Lake in Boiling Springs, PA near

Chris' house. It's a lovely small lake and is beautiful in all seasons but especially in the fall. This is the picture I am working on in art class. The classes are going well but I have a lot to learn.

Just playing around with apps here.


This one's for you Tammy. I have another friend also who is happy just to be alone. Not me...the more the merrier.



The daffodils were out at Ryan's.








  1. How lucky Chris is, to live near such a lovely lake. Such a lovely place to walk....

    Gentle Spring hugs,

  2. ditto Tessa!
    and ...
    just so you know...
    many introverts also enjoy 'the more the merrier!' they simply need it in smaller doses! :)


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