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Tuesday, March 01, 2016


I was looking for some topic to blog about today. As you know I have blogging since 2006 and that’s a long time.  I feel I have put it all out there and told all there is to know about me.


Today’s prompt is about what you remember about elementary school. I have to take my mind back a long, long ways but the memories from there made an impression on who I am today.


My elementary school was only five houses down the road which meant I was a walker. In that time there were at least nine small schools in our town. My school went up to seventh grade. When I was in sixth and seventh grade I was chosen to be a patrol girl. That meant that before and after school I led the rest of the walkers along the road to and from their homes. I used a long pole with a red flag at the end to cross them if needed. I felt that it was a big responsibility and O took it seriously. The reward for serving was a trip to Washington, DC at the end of seventh grade. I still remember catching a train that took us into the city. As a group we toured Washington and Mount Vernon. Being boy crazy like I was I met a boy from another school and we spend some time together. I met this boy again at my class reunion fifteen years ago and we still got along really great. Do you ever forget your first crush?

The principal of the school lived just two houses away from us. He and his family were like my second family. He was an amazing teacher and principal. He knew that sixth and seventh graders needed a place to socialize so he planned school dances for us. He gave us a dance card (just a dittoed paper) and we had to have the boys sign up to dance with us. That was a great thing because then we knew which dances we were booked for. And the boys didn’t have to worry about asking us. The gym always was full and we did the Bunny Hop, the Hokey Pokey, and all the dances of the time. What a fun time it was.

I loved music and art (no surprise there) and I remember having my art chosen for the art exhibit at the end of the year. I also remember operettas and plays. Once I was Mary Washington and even wore a hoop skirt. 24841_1

I had the best childhood anyone could ask for. It was a Sally, Dick and Jane time of innocence.
What are your special memories of elementary school?



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  1. i remember playing keep away with roger and bruce. they were taller and got the ball more often!
    and then there was little violet. we had one of those "important" achievement tests in 3rd grade.
    the teacher told everyone that unless it was an emergency we were not to leave our seats for any reason until the test was completed.
    i sat behind violet off to the right. i heard water.
    it took me awhile to realize where it was coming from.
    it was coming from violet.
    an ocean appeared under her desk. i never saw so much water!
    and you know... i don't recall anyone making fun of her for that.
    maybe we ALL were trying to 'hold it in!' ourselves!!! i do remember feeling so sorry for her!
    and then i remember the year i walked 4 miles a day. just one block under a mile...
    so i couldn't eat lunch at school! that was the rule of the school. so... as a seven year old ...
    i walked about a mile to school then back home for lunch then back to school then back home! LOLOL!
    kids wouldn't do that today probably. but then all families have more than one car now too.
    oh... we could do this all day!
    what a fun post dear bean! glad your break was short! XOXOXO♥


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