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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Being alive

It is a serious thing

Just to be alive

On this fresh morning

In this broken world.

Mary Oliver

Are you so tired of politics and the turn that this election has taken? For months on end the presidential race has consumed us no matter what side you are on. It has become so harsh and I wonder what exactly is happening in my country. Where are its founding ideals? We need to fight to keep out country the way we want it. We want freedom for all people and a free press. Please vote.

Photo credit. Deb Taylor



  1. It is really a serious and lovely thing to be alive ♥

  2. i love that picture.
    stepping into life!
    and that poem from mary oliver. one of the greats.
    I am voting for sure.
    not because I like either of the candidates.
    but because of what the suffragettes had to endure just so that I might vote!
    bless them.
    and I hope you're feeling better! ♥


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