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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

One thing leads to the other

I know you have had this experience. You get just one thing. Then you have change some other things to make it work. That’s the dilemma I was in today. I bought eight water goblets at the Olde Time Pottery in Pigeon Forge because I didn’t have eight plain water glasses that I wanted to use at my big table. After running them through the dishwasher I realized that I had no space in my kitchen cupboards for them. So I needed to put them in the china cupboard. \   

      This china cupboard is very old. We acquired it a very long time ago when Don and I were in the antiquing stage of our life. We liked nothing better than to travel around looking in antique stores or going to auctions to find older things. I was in the primitive country phase and those antiques fit right in. I’m not longer in that place but the china closet, dresser, and bookcase have hung on in the the house as a reminder of our collecting days. And the china cupboard holds a lot of dishes and we all know I have the dish disease.







  So I spent a few hours taking everything out and cleaning and washing china and glassware. I must admit that it looks better. Unfortunately I didn’t throw anything away, just relegated those plastic margarita glasses to the summer storage in the basement. 


    Do you notice the chandelier? One time at an auction Don found a box of gas light parts hidden underneath a table. It was a two armed gas light but he converted it to a four armed electric chandelier. This has been in our house from the very beginning. Every time I look at it I am reminded of those fun times and how Don worked to buff up the blackness and bring out the brass shine.





I also made a wreath for over the fireplace. The theme in the living room is more pink this year. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

I also used the little French postcards that my sister Linda and I made one holiday. The sparkly deer add a luster to the mantle.




And last here is my coffee table.


  1. Peggy, I LOVE this little tour of your home! I can relate to the changing of your style over the years. I still have a "shabby chic" kind of bedroom, and guest room that is "primitive country" and the rest of the house seems to what I might call an eclectic mix of vintage and found junk! We evolve and so does our sense of style. But what never goes out of style is the dedication to making our homes a place of refuge and solace. The wreath you made is beautiful!

  2. so beautiful.
    all of it.
    but the shell pink ribbon so large and lush on the silvery grey with the green pine behind it... oh my! yes.
    and i adore all blue and white pieces. always a favorite.
    and isn't don an angel!


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