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Friday, November 11, 2016

Can you say “stuffed”

It’s been almost 55 years since I graduated from high school. I know, I know, I don’t feel that old. Since I’ve lived in the same town all my life it was natural that I would be on the class reunion committee. Last night we met at my house. I have a great bunch of classmates and we have a ball planning for the next reunion in July. First we had dinner. One of the gals made lasagna and we enjoyed all the extras that went with it. There was a lot of eating…did I mention home made apple pie? And a lot of laughter.


After dinner we stuffed almost 200 envelopes with information about our reunion to be sent out.


It took us about an hour of hard work while we listened to 50’s songs on the radio. Twice the girls have met to play cards..or in our case Marbles, a home made really fun card/marble game. We’ve decided to meet every month. On Wednesday when we met we laughed so hard tears were running down our legs.


  1. i envy you!
    there were 60 in my HS graduating class. miles and miles from where i live now.
    i can't even remember all their names.
    i'm so glad you're having such fun! xo

  2. So worthwhile to reconnect with classmates. Looks like you all had a blast even in the planning stage!


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