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Sunday, November 20, 2016

The wind is whipping

I apologize for not showing up here on the blog for days. I seem to have been busy at home with decorating and forgot to blog. On Thursday I had a hair appointment and art lesson and so busy packing for the trip. And on Friday I went to Literary Club. We had a very interesting program presented by Betty Hach who is a new member of the club. She reviewed Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Betty was an art teacher in my school and a very creative person. She had a taught some small classes on learning to draw by training the right side of your brain through exercises like drawing upside down and drawing negative spaces. I had to write up the meeting for the paper.

Friday afternoon we traveled to Carlisle to Chris'. Yesterday I did a little shopping while the temperature was seventy one. But what a change today. A storm blew in and the temperature dropped to thirty eight with whipping winds. No snow yet down here but Bradford had snow. Today we will stay in and watch movies and play games.

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  1. it sounds WONDERFUL! very seasonal.
    and this time of year especially... i always think of Bradford as 'Bedford Falls' in It's a Wonderful Life!
    maybe the trip will do Sadie good.
    and dearest bean...
    NEVER EVER apologize for having a REAL LIFE!!! LOLOL!


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