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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Out of commission

Sorry that I haven't been blogging his week. Last week I had a flu shot on Wednesday and Thursday became sick with a terrible sore throat. I've been in my pajamas ever since. I've taken a lot of over the counter medicine and finally today went to the doctore's office. A throat swab came up negative and she suggested .coricidin and Flonase. So I will try those. She said it was probably allergies. Keep your fingers crossed that it works

A Sadie update. She went to get her stitches out today and has healed nicely. We have had her on a diet but she didn't lose weight. This led to blood work which showed that she has a low thyroid and will be on meds for the rest of her life.

Here's a good idea. Use Krylon looking glass paint to spray pine cones. Cute idea for Christmas.



  1. Peggy, Hope you feel better soon (I take allergy medicines every day all year long - and without them I feel just as you describe). And sorry to hear about Sadie, too. Love the pine cone idea! I like decorating with things I can recycle after the holidays - nothing to pack up and store. Stay in those pj's and give your body a rest!

  2. i don't get a flu shot. it seems every time i did in the past i get a reaction like yours.
    coincidence? i don't know. but i just try to keep my immune system strong now and forego them.
    LOVE those pine cones you did! just as i was wondering where you found them... you explained! :)
    and hug our little sadie for me. i'm so glad she is healing well. hopefully when you're feeling better
    the two of you can start your walks again! XOXO♥


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