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Tuesday, November 15, 2016






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I have a friend who is 85 but acts like 60. My sister and I laugh about her (in a nice way) because she is so much more minimal than we are. When she decorates for Christmas she puts a wreath on her door and decorates her lamp pole out front. Now you know that I could never, never be like that. Today I started my Christmas decorating. I know it’s early but I am leaving for the boys’ and I want to come back to a house that is all done.

   I promised myself that I would try not to put as much out…..but I can’t help myself. Many pictures will follow (I’ll wait until December). Last year the theme was plaid but this year it seems to be a garden theme. All whites and silver. I am keeping the living room minimal however as well as not putting so much in the kitchen.

   I just love to get out my decorations each year. And I’ve gone through them and eliminated those that I don’t use any more. I only kept the things I love. I need to make a wreath for above my fireplace yet but I’m looking for just the right things to put on it. I will be going to Michael’s this weekend and I’m sure that I’ll find something there. I’m looking forward to going to all the stores in the “big” city. I want to do a lot of my Christmas shopping when I am away.

  Have you begun thinking about Christmas yet?

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