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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The final fall

We live in such a beautiful part of the country. Western Pennsylvania is a paradise for people who love the outdoors. There are two ski resorts just less than an hour away. There are many cross country skiing trails as well as those for snowmobiles. Hunting is a popular sport and there are so many lakes for fishing. We have an amazing hiking trail system too.

This is Quaker Lake. Part of the Allegany State Park in nearby New York State. We pass by here when we are traveling to Jamestown or Erie. I took this a few weeks ago. To capture those last leaves of fall. That day the water was a calm as a piece of glass.

Now we are approaching the gray season. Today it is so gloomy we need lights on in the house. But I am cuddled up under the blanket...not out of choice I might add. My bursitis is back in my hip so I'm sitting with the heating pad. If it gets too bad I will go to physical therapy.



  1. Under a blanket sounds good ♥

  2. that beautiful picture makes me think of walden pond!

    i'm so sorry you're in pain. just like your little pal sadie.
    hope you both are snug and warm and cozy and well SOON!

    it is 84 degrees here today. the stores all have the A/C on.
    and ...
    yes! the 'safe harbor' is already decorated for christmas!
    i love it so. i don't tire of it and i just couldn't help it.
    and i'm the only one who sees it anyway.

    you would never know that a minimalist lives here peggy!
    it now looks nothing like anywhere i've ever lived.
    it could easily be a little cottage on nantucket. i've always loved that.

    the same colors. and so cozy. and a definite nautical feel.
    i so love new england. and if i can't live there again...
    at least it brings back my mother and gram to me right here. and it makes me happy!

    the only thing minimal about safe harbor now is the fact of that famous rule... i have only what is beautiful
    or useful to me. there are pictures on the walls and some treasures around...
    and warm soft throws in beautiful tartans.
    and it's cozy and lovely and comfortable.
    nothing minimally sterile about it! and i love it dearly. very lagom i guess.

    although there are definitely still no junk drawers or closets with unwanted STUFF!
    that's always the sign of the minimalist lurking here! LOLOL!
    but i do so totally understand your decorating for christmas early! we're in good company! xoxo♥

    1. I just know your little safe harbor is looking great. I'd love to see a picture sometime. It sounds like you went to town decorating to make it nice and cozy for you. I'm pretending I'm visiting and sipping a cup of tea under those beautiful plaid blankets. don't forget to let me know if you decide to start a blog once again. I sure do miss your happy place. The hip is feeling better ...as long as I exercise daily. SAdie is still limping but I read online that this is going to be a long, long process. She does seem to feel better..as long as she doesn't have to put weight on her leg. She will be delighted to go down to my son's this weekend. She just loves him. Did I ever tell you that he recognizes his van? One time she had me convinced he was at my house because she kept jumping from the back of the couch to me getting all excited and then to the door to the couch. I peeked out and saw a blue van like his. But it was just the painters. I know she must be just bored to death. She saw a squirrel in the back yard today but couldn't even try to chase it. Poor baby.

  3. Peggy, I was also very upset about the election. How can so many people be so bewitched by this man. His advisors are as bad as he is. No integrity, no honesty, no respect for minorities. The man admitted sexual assault. I think they all see it especially Trump as a way to make money.

  4. A big group of fall colored trees always remind me of the model Rail Road train displays. I still have a couple of trees holding on to some leaves, so I have probably another week until the leaves are all gone in my part of Ohio. I hope you feel better soon.


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