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Friday, December 02, 2016

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

On Wednesday night my friends and I attended a concert by the Boston Brass to get us in the mood for the holidays. There renowned musicians have played all over the world with well known bands for many years. Their sound was fantastic. They alternated playing well known songs with personal Christmas stories. I was a little disappointed that they “jazzed” up every Christmas song. I am not sophisticated enough to enjoy jazz music so it left me a little wanting. But I did enjoy their last number, the big band sound of Caravan.  We are lucky that the University brings in many concerts and acts over the year to choose from. They also offer free concerts and performances.

  I have been busy this week with Christmas shopping and catching up on household chores. The house is all decorated and when I get a moment I will post pictures.

   Yesterday Don had an eye doctor appointment. In August Don had a stroke in his eye and lost the vision completely in his right eye. He had hopes that it would slowly return but unfortunately the optic nerve is dead and he will never regain his sight. The doctor told us that this is common in older people and they see it a lot. He took it very hard because this is the first year since he was a kid that he didn’t get to hunt because now he can’t shoot a gun.

  Update on Sadie. She still isn’t walking. The vet suggested hydrotherapy so we have been filling the bathtub and encouraging her to swim to use that leg. But she doesn’t even want to do that.


  1. i feel so bad for don. does that affect his reading too? like give him head aches?
    and poor little Sadie.
    she's just getting old. and tired. like me! maybe she's also still feeling pain.
    love to all of you. XOXO♥

  2. Thanks for your concern for Don. It doesn't seem to affect him reading or headaches so that is a good thing. Don has gone through a lot in the last few years..prostate cancer, heart stent, aortic aneurysm, COPD, and now this. He does have good spirits though most of the time.
    As far as Sadie is concerned I am feeling so bad seeing her in one place and not moving. We are doing therapy with hopes that she will regain strength in that leg. She is almost 8 and too young to be down like this. She still is on pain meds but it doesn't seem to make a big difference.
    Thanks for the extra love. We can use it. hugs, peg

  3. oh my goodness!
    Sadie is not old at ALL!
    this is a weird thought now... so humor me.
    I wonder if she is just very depressed. she hurt for so long. and now she doesn't know to trust her leg.
    I know it sounds like a 'California far out type of nonsense!' but there might be something to it!
    maybe if you googled her situation there might be some interesting ideas?
    and in the meantime you have all my love and hugs! for YOU and Sadie and Don! XOXO♥


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