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Thursday, December 15, 2016


   It’s not yet January but I am beginning to think of my word of the year for 2017.

Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Scrap that long list of goals you won’t remember three weeks from now anyway!

Choose just one word.

One word you can focus on every day, all year long… One word that sums up who you want to be or how you want to live.

It will take intentionality and commitment, but if you let it, your one word will shape not only your year, but also you. It will become the compass that directs your decisions and guides your steps.

Discover the big impact one word can make.Image result for choosing your word of the year




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Image result for choosing your word of the year

Here are my past words:


2011-ecalirassez (French for lighten up or simplify)






This year I am contemplating these words:

create, artist, hygge, contentment, relax, discover, finish


Are you choosing a word of the year?


  1. I guess I was doing this before I even knew it as the 'word tradition' that it has become...
    which ... like you I think is wonderful too!

    instead of resolutions I always just picked one thing I wanted to work on myself for that year.
    the first year I picked 'vanity.' that was the word I used in my mind.
    and that was a hard one. odd how it was so tied up with my self worth. I had to find myself again.
    I just simply quit wearing eye make up cold turkey! the person who NEVER EVER went without it!!!
    it was quite the revelation!

    I had only ever worn eyeliner and blush anyway. I had never gone in for the whole make up routine.
    I still wear the blush on my cheeks because it keeps me from looking sick. and I still look like ME.
    it doesn't change my entire face the way the eyeliner did. that's what was bothering me.
    the REALNESS of it all. the real me I wasn't showing the world. I literally felt like two people.
    the eyeliner actually transformed my whole face. and I felt so strange without it. like I wasn't ME.
    I found out that i was literally ashamed to walk about in my own face!
    it took some serious acceptance of my real self.
    but in the same instant I found such enormous FREEDOM without it! very strange actually.
    it's like I was ME for the first time in years! I finally wasn't hiding behind a mask.
    and soon I grew to love it! and I have never wanted to go back.
    I still use a little blush over moisturizer. it makes me feel fresh and healthy looking.
    and it seems to be all I need for happiness now. it's all just a mind set I guess.
    the main thing I found that I liked ...
    I could sneeze HARD and not have to get out a mirror and make sure I didn't look like a raccoon! LOL.
    so vanity was my first year in using a word.
    the next year...
    I chose contentment. another battle in many ways. but I actually became totally content for many years.
    UNTIL... I slipped a bit last year in this one. I discovered I had turned into a MAJOR COMPLAINER!

    I had become very discontented with our CLIMATE here where I live! YOU know that about me peggy.
    but I finally got myself in hand only recently and have overcome it. I am content once again.
    like your list ... there have been many. some have been successful and some not so much.
    and this year... will be a hard one.
    I could choose a whole phrase. 'living in the NOW with courage.' but I will choose NOW as my word.

    one of my best friends was told yesterday that she has 3 months to live if she doesn't have chemo.
    if she has treatment they can only give her up to a year... if even that.
    she is 85 years YOUNG. she has a gym membership that she actually uses! she goes on tours. a very active life!
    she is an accomplished water colorist and still takes classes mainly for the camaraderie...
    she lunches several times a week with other friends there in the city. we talk every day on the phone.
    just like you and the loss of your beloved friend this year... I will miss her terribly.
    but HER courage gives me courage.
    they seem to be given that courage. my Bob had it and my mother did too. and the marine's wife had it.
    cancer has stalked my life it seems forever. it even took my little dog zeke. and HE especially had courage.
    and lived in the NOW. which of course... dogs excel at anyway. they inspire me so much.

    but NOW is all any of us truly has. yet we don't live that way. at least I need constant reminders of it.
    so... if it has to come down to one word for me... the reminder word for me this year will be NOW!
    and now I want to tell you at the end of this LONG WINDED comment...
    how much I admire and care about YOU pegeen my red haired irish lass. AND your wonderful blog!
    thank you for the dedication you bring to it and for sharing your beautiful life...
    and for your inspirational words always for us ALL. it's a gift.

    1. This is wonderful, Tammy! It gave me shivers! I rarely wear any makeup ~ occasionally a brush of color to my eyebrows. I'm sorry about what your friend is going through with cancer. It is a terrible disease and has cut many family members and friends from my life. Sending you both courage!

  2. Tammy...love your comments. Are you blogging yet? I sure have missed your voice. Thank you for sharing with me. I put on makeup even when I am home alone. I don't feel right without it. It is so a part of me and I feel I need all the help I can get. So bravo to you for being true to yourself. I love the word NOW for your word of the year. It is time to be in the here and now. Oh how you must feel for your friend knowing the trials that she must face. I know you will be there for her to support her all the way. And when she is gone there will be a hole in your life. But you have many friends to support you...me being your biggest fan...and we will be here for you. love to you and happy holidays.

  3. I loved your post, Peggy! I've seen your words in the past, and I'm going to pick one for me for this coming year. I don't even have to think about it since it washed all over me as I was reading your post. The word is going to be "LOVE!" I had to google "Hygge", but what a wonderful word!!!! I think your life is already infused with "Hygge." You're the epitome of "Hygge!" I could certainly go with a little more "Ecalirassez" in my life. Maybe for next year! I'll be curious to see which one you chose!


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