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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A little girl's life


Sara ..bottom row,,,green hat...riding a float for the .girl Scouts.

I never had a little girl. With two sons my life was filled with fishing, hunting, taking apart cars, motorcycles and all sorts of manly activities. I had no one interested in makeup, tea parties or crafts. I enjoyed my boys but they never wanted to go shopping with me. Then I had three grandsons and finally got my little girl. And what a girly girl she is. She loves cling and all of the girly things. When I visit I'm hardly through the door when she says to me...lets play makeup. When I visit we play dolls and have so much fun. And I love being there. But I am not involved in their lives besides the four or five times a year that I see them. And I am missing out. This weekend Sara and Sean rode in floats at the town Christmas parade for scouts. They are in karate and dance and have sleepovers and birthday parties. When I tell my daughter in law she encourages me to move down there. And it is tempting. But this is my life here and I can't imagine leaving my house at this time. So for now I live for the Facebook pictures and FaceTime.


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