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Friday, December 09, 2016

Yes, we got snow.


It began snowing around 2:30 on Thursday night and didn’t stop until late Friday afternoon. It piled up deep and when I went out to coffee the road in front of my house was barely plowed. On the expressway driving was hazardous but when you know how to drive in these conditions and drive slowly there isn’t a problem. I watched all Friday as the snow kept coming. it is so beautiful.
IMG_2377I didn’t measure it but you can see from the snow on the birdfeeder and the fence tops that it is deep. We were plowed out early Friday morning and will be needing it again on Saturday. But we don’t plan to leave the house all weekend so that’s ok with me. My cold and cough is still hanging on and I’m tired of watching tv, reading, being on the computer and looking at magazines. I hope next week I have a chance to get outside and do some more Christmas shopping.



  1. oh Pegeen! my wee Irish lass! I hope your miserable cold and cough is all gone now.
    how I enjoyed all the videos. my favorites... mog of course. and mrs claus.
    and your SNOW! oh my. to awaken to snow. and not have to BE anywhere! to be able to just relish it!

    the marine and I are going to Georgia on the 18th to see Jacob and Blake and their parents... Reve' and Sgt Mike.
    next Christmas our beloved Sgt Mike will be somewhere on special operations in the middle east.
    so this Christmas is very special.

  2. Take your time Peg. You don't want to miss Christmas. A couple more days of rest now would mean a good Holiday with Don.

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Rest is the best medicine. :) So much snow! I love your first images through the screen, it is beautiful. Stay warm!


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