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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Word of the year

It is that time again. The last day of a year. One more year has passed away. Time to reflect on what that year has been and look forward to a new fresh year beginning.

This year has brought newness to me. I began a dream of mine to take art classes and have felt very fulfilled by doing so. Art has always made me happy and applying myself each week to learning something new has been a joy for me.

This year also has had its struggles as my husband copes with the limitations of COPD. A once strong man has had to limit his activities which has been difficult. And added to that is the loss of vision in his eye caused by a stroke in the eye.

We have been blessed with a loving family which provides support for us when needed. I am so thankful that my family is there for us. As we age we appreciate it even more.

So my word for the year 2017 is hygge. I first heard the word when visiting Denmark with my best friend who was Danish. As you can see there are many definitions since there is no equivalent word in English. I want this feeling for me and my family in 2017. And I want all my husband's family to come together in love.






  1. I knew you'd pick "Hygge", Peggy! It's perfect! Wishing you and Don abundant "Hygge" this year ~ And sending you lots of love, which is my word for the new year!

  2. What does that word mean?


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