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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Do you have a Martha Stewart Christmas?

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Are you a Martha Stewart look alike? Do you strive to have the best, most tasty, extremely decorated and gorgeous Christmas at your house? Do you work yourself into a frenzy getting all those cookies and breads baked in time for entertaining?

That used to be me. I couldn’t rest until all was done. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed baking and getting out the once a year recipes. I loved hauling out all those decorations and spending days and days making the house just the way I wanted. I crafted and created all kinds of ornaments over the years…remember bread dough ornaments?

This went on for years. But as age tells you it got harder each year. I love my age but there are concessions and one of them is that you don’t have the energy that you once had. It takes you longer to do what you once could whip out in a day. Now it takes multiple days with rest stops in between. So each year in the last few have become simpler. This year I decided I’m not doing the cookie marathon. I always bake for two solid days filling boxes with cookies. This year we will be staying home and Don and I can only eat so many. I will make a few of the favorites and that will be all.

How about you? Do you get caught up in the Christmas business? Or have you found a simpler solution?

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  1. Like you in years gone by I have made many different kinds of cookies and decked every inch of these halls. I entertained at least 2 times and filled each weekend with Holiday activities. That kind of frenzy can make it possible to miss the quiet beauty of the holiday season. Since I retired I have cut back or eliminated everything that interferes with quiet evenings by the fire or reading a Christmas book and we attend only those very few activities that we truly love. We have an artificial tree and I have donated or given away at least half of my decorations. I am down to only that which I love. This year convalescing from surgery has forced me to do even less. I am loving it.


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