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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Are we friends?

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Is it just me or do you also get friend requests on Facebook from people you don’t even know? I guess it is a status thing to have a lot of friends but I really don’t want to know what Joe Blow is doing if I don’t know that person at all. Why would I? I don’t even accept friend requests from some of my high school classmates. After all if we haven’t talked in over fifty years is there a reason why I want to see pictures of all your grandchildren? So I have become the queen of ignoring. I just delete the request and move on.

I do like Facebook for keeping up with my out of town relatives. If I can’t personally visit them I love to see pictures of the nieces and nephews and grandchildren and all their accomplishments. And once in a while I comment on something special…an animal video..that I think is extraordinarily cute.

But why do some people have to repost so many? I don’t mind if you post two or three but when I have to go through twenty or more posts daily well, I just have to hide your posts. That’s Facebook abuse.

So if you requested my friendship and I didn’t respond please don’t be offended. I still like you and would love an email or phone call from you. Let’s be friends that way.

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