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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A little shopping

Today I finally felt like a little Christmas shopping so I went to Olean to see what I could find. I think I'm just about finished now and just have some packages to mail out. We will be staying home this year for Christmas for the first time in quite a few years.



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  1. I will also be home.
    on the 18th the marine and I drive to Georgia to deliver presents and visit with Sgt Mike and Reve' and Jacob and Blake.
    but we thought it best to let them enjoy their first Christmas in their new home just the four of them all together.
    last year Sgt Mike was somewhere in the middle east. so we spent it there with Reve' and the boys.
    and next year he will be somewhere over there again ... wherever ISIS is I guess. the problem with special operations... you never really know exactly where they are.
    so this Christmas is a very special one!
    and guess what peggy!!! it's supposed to SNOW here on Saturday! so I hope I can get out in it. We leave on Sunday and come back on the 22nd.


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