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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Not again!

Do you remember how I got sick at the beginning of November with a sore throat and flulike symptoms? Well it's back again. This time I got into the doctor and got a z pack. I feel a little better today after a horrible night where I finally got out of bed and was awake till five coughing. I regret I will have to miss our monthly card party with my classmates. I have been looking forward to it for a long time.



  1. Sorry Peg. Sometimes I think when we get sick again so soon that we probably didn't get over the first illness completely. Please give yourself more time. I am doing well but getting my strength back slowly. We forget we are not kids anymore and it takes us longer to snap back.

    1. I so agree Becky. The last time I went to the doctor and they didn't give me meds because they said it was viral. This time they said I could wait a few days. I told them that a month ago it took me ten days to get over it so I'll take the meds..thank you! I can feel it's breaking up today but still not gone.
      I am so glad that you are recovering from your surgery well. The body is amazing but you have to give it time. happy Holidays to you.


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