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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


ducks on the pond

This video from a few years ago shows the ducks on the Willow Dale Cemetery pond. Each summer many children and adults come out to the pond to feed the ducks and sit on the benches provided. The ducks have a lovely life and all is well. That is until winter arrives. Then there are less people coming except for those brave souls who still go out to feed the ducks who lack running water and food. Last winter was exceptionally cold and the pond froze and even trapped a duck in the ice. The duck population dwindled down to just one lone duck left. In the summer many ducks were brought to the pond and there were near thirty at one time. Now once again winter has come. Generous people buy corn and food and daily go there to feed them. But they need running water to survive and it becomes a problem. Our local paper printed an article and someone from the community stepped up to take the ducks in for the winter. But he needs support from the people of our town to buy food. We are seeking solutions to the problem now. 

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  1. I'm sure the people in your town will step up and help out. It's hard to think of animals suffering and dying in the cold.


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