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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Christmas around the world


On Friday our Literary Club program was presented by our members Patti Neidich, Gae Colligan, Fran Runyan and Lois Schultz who gave us a tour of Christmas customs from around the world. I always enjoy our meetings on Fridays and the tea and cookies which follow.

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  1. what fun!
    I love that you have a literary club! that in itself to me these days is right out of a book! LOL!
    the lady above dressed as st lucia brought back memories for me of my Swedish friend in 12th grade.
    she was our exchange student and we became best friends. she and I dressed as st lucia (and her attendant... ME!)
    and we woke my mother in the early morning with buns and coffee! it was the last Christmas my daddy was alive.
    such poignant wonderful memories of that Christmas.


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