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Thursday, May 18, 2017

At Quaker Lake

When I have my art lesson I have to choose something I want to paint. Sometimes this is easy and other times more difficult. This week I am choosing this picture of Quaker Lake because it brings back a great memory.

Don and I usually don't go to see the fireworks anymore when it's just the two of us. Are we blasé?  Been there, done that? Whatever the reason we have stayed at home. But this year having the little ones around us gave us a perfect reason to go to Quaker Lake. It was one of those   summer nights, not too hot. The lake was beautiful and not crowded with people along the beach at all. We layed down blankets...the old folks got chairs and settled down for a beautiful display. 

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  1. Quaker Lake looks like a lovely subject for a painting, Peggy! I hope that you enjoy the challenge. I love fireworks! For the past three years Terry and I have been fortunate to be in Honolulu for the Honolulu Festival, a three day festival that celebrates Pacific Rim cultures. It always culminates in a fabulous fireworks show off Waikiki Beach, recently presented by Nagaoka Fireworks of Japan. It is a magnificent show!!! Wishing you success with your painting and a happy week. Hugs to you and Don, and I hope little Sadie is feeling better.


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