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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bella Grace


My new copy of Bella Grace arrived in the mail today. It is such a special magazine and always brings me joy when I read contributions of poetry, stories, photography and snippets of wisdom.

And what better place to sit and read it on a great day than my very favorite place...my porch swing. As I sit listening to the chimes and feeling the gentle breeze blowing I first turn through all the pages reading the quotes and looking at the great pictures. Then I go back and randomly pick parts to read....81 ways to feel like a kid again, summer troubles we secretly love, 75 touchstones of happiness.

Each article provokes thought. Such as...what are you doing now that you loved to do as a kid? Do you indulge in kids play? How could you find more childhood joy?

As older adults it is sometimes hard to let yourself go without restraint. I intend to do more fun things but don't always follow through. Each year I swear that I will go on more picnics and slow down and relax.

This summer I am making a vow to do some of the things on my bucket list. How about you? What is on your list?


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  1. Right now my bucket list is just to be at home and relax a little. After a year of almost nonstop travel, I really appreciate being home. I'm just a couple of weeks short of being retired five years ~ and I still haven't slowed down much. I'm beginning to think it is not in my nature. Love those gorgeous bird pillows on your swing! Have a lovely day!


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