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Friday, May 12, 2017

Hello once more

I’m back! Sorry I was away for so long but my internet was down. I switched to Atlantic Broadband to get a faster connection and the installer came out the day we were leaving for vacation. He was in a hurry and left before making sure that it was working but we left anyway for my sister’s house in Virginia. We got back late Monday night and today a different installer came and tried to get us online. He diagnosed the problem was in our router but couldn’t fix it. He hooked us up directly (meaning I can use the computer but not the devices) I have a direct connection but no wifi.

On Tuesday I began a two day class on Photography from the University of Pittsburgh. Tuesday night was an indoor class with camera instruction and last night was the field work. I was so pleased with the instructor Sean Murray and learned so much about shooting in the manual mode and how to get better pictures. IMG_7189

Our clasIMG_7221s took pace in the Seneca Building which recently had its lower floor remodeled for a Marilyn Horne museum. Marilyn Horne is an opera singer who was born here.

The Seneca building is right beside Veteran’s Square where there is a gazebo and memorials to veterans. IMG_7215
Recently there was a local conflict when the veterans thought that the square was going to be renamed in her honor. They also wanted the small road that goes by the Seneca building to have its name changed from Marilyn Horne Way which it has been for seventeen years.


As you can tell our flowers are just beginning to come out and trees are budding.
This triangular building is called the flatiron building. I can see now that it is overexposed but now I know how to correct that.


After that we drove to the duck pond by my house. Here are the other two girls who were in my class.IMG_7269

I learned how to take moving water shots with a slow shutter speed.
IMG_7297I felt I learned a lot in the class and can’t wait for better weather to get out there with my camera.


  1. You are an inspiration, Peggy! Your class sounds like so much fun, and I enjoyed your photos! I'm HOME and will be so for a while, so maybe I can get caught up with everything in my life. I so get your computer problems. They remind me of the nightmare I had in bullhead City. It's SO FRUSTRATING! I'm glad to see you back! Sending you and Don hugs and love. Here's hoping that little Sadie is feeling perkier!

  2. OMG Peggy...I love the water pictures!! Unique technique, really NICE, you are so on a roll Peggy...I love you❤️


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