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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Where flowers bloom so does hope


Yesterday was a day to work outside and we got a lot accomplished. Even though it was 82 degrees and we had to stop every once in a while to get cooled off we managed to get quite a lot done. While Don held the ladder I climbed up and washed the dirt from the gutters then he pressure washed them. He also pressure washed the courtyard. It looked much nicer after that yellow pollen was washed away.

This big flower I found at Home Goods. I had been wanting something like this ever since I saw one on a garden tour.

The lavender topiaries look great in the urn (which by the way needs a new coat of paint this year). IMG_7328

I spent a lot of time weeding out the picket fence area and cutting back the grape hyacinths and tulip leaves. I need now to straighten up this column.

There is still a lot of work to be done. Today I hope we get the fountains and pond cleaned out. There is nothing like the sound of running water in the garden. I found the new statue at an antique booth and named her Francesca. We also need to hook up the copper sprinkler. The outside is coming along really well. I hope to get the table out soon.

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  1. You are always creating beauty, Peggy! The flowers are lovely, and Francesca gives me a feeling of serenity. Have a great week!


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