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Monday, May 29, 2017

Ever have one of those days?

My exercising motivation has jumped ship. I never was a jock and I’ve always had to make myself exercise. I’ve done exercise group classes when I was younger. When I retired I tried water aerobics which I liked…except for the cold water and the time commitment. I was faithful about walking an hour when I first retired and loved doing that but somehow it went by the wayside. I loved taking Sadie for walks but when she was unable to go I sorta, kinda forgot about it. I know I need to get going on it. And every day I say I will. But something always gives me an excuse…not a good one..but an excuse. But now with summer here I need to renew my goal of getting out there and doing something..anything! It’s hard to get the stopped stone rolling again. Any advice?


  1. I struggle every day with exercise, Peggy. And it's been hard because I have been traveling so much. What works for me is to have a trainer (when I am at home). I've had my current trainer over ten years, and she is amazing. I'll go because I have an appointment and because I have paid. Julie makes sure that I have correct form. I am not a natural athlete, and I need to be shown (and shown repeatedly) how to do things. My body is very talented at finding the easy way out with no thought on my part. If there is a wrong way to do something, I will find it. And I'm terrible at breathing. Julie calls me on everything. Also she pushes me to do things I would never do on my own, some of them I couldn't even think up let alone make myself do. Also I don't want to disappoint my trainer, so I work out really hard. It's costly, but I cut the cost by buying 20 hours at a time, and I only do a half hour work out. I've had hour long sessions with trainers, but I find that I can get almost as much actual work in by going continuously for the 30 minutes and switching between exercises so I don't have to rest between reps. Then I add treadmill walking and stretching and I've got a good solid workout in. I think the cost is worth it because I'm healthier, and I figure I'm saving on health care costs. My workouts are mostly strength and balance, the cardio and stretching I can manage on my own. A good trainer will asses where you are every work out and adjust the session accordingly. As an older woman, I like having a trainer who works with older people.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I do better when I have a class and have to be there at a certain time. It makes a firmer commitment

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  3. Meh...just accept the things that are...we are who we are and there's nothing wrong with that...reminder...a positive attitude flowing through every orice of our being will keep us healthy...Love you💜

  4. Orfice...if that's the correct spelling...😀


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