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Sunday, May 28, 2017


While a lot of places are in full summer and hot weather in northwestern Pennsylvania we are still in spring flower mode. In my picket fence garden the lupine are just making their spectacular showing.


It seems purple is the color of the season and you can see chives and bachelor buttons in the background.


How I miss teaching sometimes. One of my favorite books in children’s literature was Miss Rumphius.
Miss Rumphius (Picture Puffins) by [Cooney, Barbara]
I loved showing the children about this old lady who had goal  in childhood to make the world a better place. She did it by planting lupines all over the countryside. Every time I see lupines I think of this story and the fun I had with the third graders. After we read the story I would give them a piece of paper and they would draw long stems and we would make the lupine flowers by dunking our fingertips into blue and purple paint. I always tried to incorporate art work and creativity into any story we were reading. There are days that I really miss my kids and the fun I had teaching. It was fifteen years ago that I retired from teaching elementary school.


  1. I loved Miss Rumphius. I wish I had known about this project. I always tried to do art activities with the children.

  2. I "connected" with this post on so many levels, Peggy! I thought you might get a kick out of that! I loved reading "Miss Rumphius" to my third graders every year. I, too, incorporated art into my curriculum wherever I could, and for years I had a weekly after school art and literature class for gifted children. Man how my partner Debi and I had to fight to get a class for the gifted. Our principals wanted the dollars to go toward at risk kiddos. But we always persevered! I'm used to seeing lupines as wild flowers ~ You should see Iceland about this time of year! And Nova Scotia! I have those days of missing kiddos too! Have a great day!

    1. You and I have so much in common. I taught the gifted classes for nine years and loved it. It was great to write my own curriculum and have the freedom to do what I wanted.


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