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Monday, July 03, 2017

Everything needs a boost

My summer flowers seem to be waning so I went around with a shot of Miracle Grow for them. I’ll bet that will help them perk up. I think every once in a while we all need a boost. Me included. I am going this weekend to my sister’s house for a family party. This annual event includes all of my sister’s family and some of mine. Being all together in the house is so much fun and we always have an enjoyable time. All of my family lives in the south except for my one son in southern Pennsylvania. We see each other as often as we can and it always perks me up.

 IMG_7684Love the copper sprinklers I have for my garden. IMG_7681




  1. I'm sure your time with family will give you a boost, Peggy. Be sure to show us some pictures of your time there!

    I love your copper sprinklers too! And the color combinations in your garden. There was a beautiful purple clematis here too but I'm afraid ours finished blooming a few weeks ago. And we have the silvery plants too, what are they called? Now I want to find some purple plants to put near them after seeing yours. I love the contrasts in that last photo of metal and stone with the garden plants.

    Happy 4th,

    1. The silver plants are lamb's ear. They are pretty until after they send up that flower and then they get leggy. I think maybe I should cut the bloom off of it soon. Thank you for the complements.

  2. All your hard work has certainly paid off, because your garden is glorious, Peggy! Time with my family always boosts my spirits! I hope you get a huge boost!


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