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Sunday, July 02, 2017


I love quotes and found a blog (between sisters between friends) that has many. One that struck me today is:

“Find something you’re interested in and keep tremendously interested in it.”…Julia Child

Don’t you just love Julia. I loved the movie Julie and Julia, one of my favorites. Over the years I have had an interest in many, many things. I’ve tried out different crafts (embroidery, painting, gallery glass.) Some things I did until I got tired of them and some I just wasn’t good at. But throughout the years some remained. I love reading. I’ve always loved going to the library and bringing home a stack of books. And I’ve always loved art. But only recently have I actually felt like an artist and had more confidence in my ability. I’ve taken up photography and love making photos and using the computer or apps to manipulate them into art works. And I’ve always loved traveling and do it as often as possible.

What have you always been interested in?IMG_7535

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  1. Let's see, I love reading, writing, blogging, and photography. Traveling, of course. Geology and the natural world. And! And! And! You and I like to sample all the world has to offer! Take care, my friend!


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