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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer is filled with activity

Most of the time my home is quiet. Don and I keep busy with our daily life and have a sort of routine. But when it's summer and we have company it becomes bustling. This week is like that. Monday we went to the Zippo/Case museum. Our town has Zippo lighters as our claim to fame. The factory is still going strong and the museum is excellent. Not many companies have the slogan...if it doesn't work we fix it free. There are also Case knives on display. Yesterday we laid low and stayed home resting. 

This is a great picture of Diane dressed to go out Saturday night to her fiftieth reunion. My 55th is this Saturday night. 

Linda is helping me spray paint a statue that I got. I named her Francesca.

Diane and Linda are making peach cobbler an homage to our Southern roots. Our Aunt Ruth made the best cobbler in the South. My dad always took my mom home to Elberton, Georgia every year and as kids we made that two day trip every July. 

Linda by the campfire on our vacation. 

I call this a seaweed chopper. The lake has a lot of seaweed so they clean it up in the summer. 


  1. These sister visits are priceless, and I'm sure you three know that. I'm so happy for you all and just slightly envious!

  2. sisters are the best, aren't they, Peggy?!


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