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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Getting out of Dodge

It was time for a play day. Don and I had been home all weekend so the Fourth of July was a great time to get away. We traveled to Erie for lunch at O’Charlie’s. Our choices in our town are ok but it’s nice to go to a bigger city where we can enjoy some delicious food. Don had steak and shrimp while I had chicken pot pie. After lunch I dropped Don off at the casino while I went to my favorite stores..a win-win. I took my time looking around but didn’t really buy much just a few presents. I’m in the “I’ve got enough” mode. I really don’t bring too much into the house these days.

Today I am packing for the weekend at the lake. I try not to take a lot but you know how it is. I like to make sure I have enough. And I can’t forget my bathing suit for the hot tub and swimming in the lake.

Every year a robin family nests in our climbing hydrangea by the garage. They must be lazy because they use the same nest. Every time we went outside she would fly away and fuss at us from a distance. But now she has her baby our of the nest. The other day a young robin was sitting on the contorta. She looked big enough to fend for herself but mama Robin kept swooping in a feeding her.



  1. We've never been able to spot a robin's nest so this must be a wonderful sight for you.

    Have fun, I know you will, and "Get out of Dodge" is my current mantra for dieting--to leave the kitchen while I'm still hungry. I'll let you know if it works!

  2. I hope that you're enjoying a great weekend at the lake, Peggy. We are getting out of Dodge ourselves early tomorrow, just for a three-night trip. Loved the robin photos! Sending you love and hugs!


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