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Monday, July 31, 2017


“Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

This week is "back to my routine" week. And there is comfort in that. I love my company and the activity involved but I'm glad this week to get back to the sameness and quietness of my life. My daily routine consists of getting up every morning by seven and meeting my friends for coffee at nine. This little get together has been happening ever since I retired fifteen years ago and gives me a reason to get dressed in the morning. After coffee I usually do my chores which include groceries or stops at stores or sometimes doctor appointments. Then it's home, read the paper and it's time for lunch.
   After lunch comes the daily clean up of the house and those household chores and projects which need to be done. Any phone calling or bill paying happens during this time.  By late afternoon it's time to sit down with a cold drink and a good book or my ipad for blogging. It's my "me" time. Soon it's time to prepare dinner, clean up the kitchen and then I enjoy a few tv programs. Since we switched to Direct tv and have a DVR my life has really changed since I record a lot and can watch whatever I please when I please. Now by the way, I have the Direct TV app which allows me to watch tv (and also programs that I've recorded) on my ipad just like on the tv. Amazing. I love my new ipad, it is soooooo fast with my upgrade of my internet to cable. 
   About nine I head to bed to watch a few programs before listening to pod casts to put me to sleep. It isn't an exciting life but one that I love.

Now people who know me will tell you that I won't be satisfied being in my routine very long. Soon my feet will start to twitch and I will get the urge to find an adventure doing something different than staying home every day. Yes, that is part of my soul. That need to be refreshed. And I will be off again. 


  1. I've always thought your morning coffee club meeting is a fabulous way to start the day. And you do pack so much in your days, Peggy, even when it's a normal routine and not counting the days when you are off on amazing excursions and adventures.

  2. Haha, Peggy! Here we are many decades into our lives and trying to get back into our routines. I think few of your days and mine are truly routine! Have a good one!


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