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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


It’s a tradition to gather at my sister’s lake house in July but this year she outdid herself to make us welcome. Diane incorporated a pirate theme and we were greeted at the front door with a pirate flag and a door welcome. There were pirate decorations all over the house and she planned pirate games for the kids and a bottle of rum hunt for the adults. Everyone got into the act as Vicki made a fruit pirate boat out of a watermelon and the kids and adults wore costumes.

  There was plenty  (tons) of food and specialty mixed drinks and Diane made a pirate cake. Caron made her famous Texas caviar and I made a couscous salad along with two different cheesecakes.
  Jeff took advantage of having young strong men around and they carried 30 bags of mulch down the hill as well as stones for a fire pit.
And we couldn’t forget the group picture. Missing are Becky and Chris who went out to breakfast alone. It looks like none of the seven  dogs made the picture this year.



  1. You all are too much! Makes my family gatherings look so pitiful in comparison!

    I love the watermelon pirate ship!

  2. Ahoy, Peggy! This was so much fun to share!


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