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Monday, March 20, 2017

Do you jigsaw?

According to me the world is divided into two groups...those who jigsaw and those who don't. Jigsaw puzzles seem to be a northern thing while we are dealing with cabin fever. It passes the time and taxes our spatial skills. In any given household you can find a card table set up in the living room containing a puzzle over which is bent a serious jigsaw puzzle expert. Long hours are spent searching among one thousand pieces to find just the right shape, size and color to fit into a certain spot. You can see a small smile of satisfaction when that elusive piece is finally snapped into position. There is no fulfillment until every piece is put in place and the entire puzzle is revealed in total. Then there are people like me who have no desire to pick up even one piece. To me who can't see the difference between one piece and the other it seems a painful task to spend hours looking. I look at the puzzle in various stages of completion and wonder at the person who can use those certain skills in such a marvelous way. But I have no desire to participate. I think every one has there own certain set of skills and I have not been gifted with puzzle making. How about you?


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  1. I really don't mind a 100 piece puzzle but the big ones of thousands of pieces I just find frustrating.


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