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Monday, March 06, 2017

Are you at magazine reader?


I know this is the age of computers and devices and I see heads down all time lost in thumbing through whatever is taking their interest at the time. Even in doctor's offices now that stacks of magazines are ignored while adults and children alike are enthralled with what is on a small screen. I know that sales of magazines has plummeted as more and more people are choosing to read on devices instead. And there's even an app for that. One where you can subscribe to many different magazines at once.

Even though all that is true it still doesn't stop me from getting a thrill when I reach in the mailbox and along with the usual bills I find a large plastic wrapped magazines. With all the ads and bills usually there it is a pleasure to squeeze the larger package out of the box to find out which one is there to make my day happier.

I've always been a magazine subscriber. Once when Don and I were on our very first year of marriage a salesman came to the door and sold us some subscriptions (which we thought were a bargain but turned out to cost us a lot more for five years) for Life and Look and a few others. Later on I turned to Woman's Day and Family Circle, Ladies' Home Journal and Better Homes and Gardens for food, decorating and family advice. And even later Oprah magazine. There were very little years that there wasn't some kind of magazine being delivered to my door. There were always school fundraisers which begged you to purchase them.

But I soon like others noticed that the ads kept getting more and more pages and the articles leaner. And some of the pages were ads in disguise like the 10 top beauty products (Which always included where to purchase them and for how much). The magazines grew smaller with less real content.

It was on Cape Cod that I discovered La Vie Claire a magazine by Claire Murray an artist and rug designer. As soon as my hand touched that thick paper and sturdy cover I was enthralled. The photography was spectacular and the articles well written and interesting. It covered things in the New England area which I would never see or experience but nevertheless it made me yearn to. We were given a free copy to take home from the bed and breakfast and I ordered my own subscription as soon as I got home. I continued it until they were no longer publishing.

To replace it I discovered Southen Lady which presents a genteel life where luncheons and hats abound. The place settings and linens, gardens and garden rooms, and recipes for luscious southern dishes made me want to have that kind of life even though I lived in the north. I still subscribe to it today and each time it shows up in the mailbox it reminds me that even though I am a Yankee I was born in Georgia and it is in my soul.

I still subscribe occasionally to Southern Living or Country Living when my grandchildren send their school fundraisers.

My newest favorite now is Bella Grace a magazine which is nothing but reader submissions of poetry, quotes, photgraphy and lists which make your soul fly. I am also getting a subscription of a magazine from England called English Home which I had picked up on the free shelf once at the library.

I don't feel a home is a home unless there are stacks of magazines around and a magazine rack in the bathroom.


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  1. I definitely have stacks of magazines, Peggy. And I enjoy reading them a lot. My favorites are Canadian Geographic and National Geographic followed by Oprah! Gotta run to my hula lesson at the Royal Hawaiian Center. I'll be back to catch up on some more posts! Love and hugs to you all!


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