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Monday, March 13, 2017


Is it spring now? Where I live in western Pennsylvania there is snow on the ground so it is hard to get into a spring mode when it feels like winter is still here. Our area is famous for its St. Patrick's Day snowstorms. This week promises not to disappoint as we are expecting up to a foot today and tomorrow.

But nevertheless I am moving on. These cute placemats from Home Goods are helping set the mood as well as light green floral napkins with bird cage napkin rings from Pottery Barn.

You can also see my tulips and a cute majolica bunny dish. I still have to go up to the attic and raid the Spring bin for eggs and bunnies but this is a start.

On the baker's rack I my bird cage, plate and bird place mats .

And bunny sits patiently on the table waiting for better weather. I hope where you are that Spring will come soon and we all can enjoy the nice weather.




  1. I hope that you, Don, and Sadie are weathering the blizzard hitting the northeast, Peggy! And I certainly hope that you are getting less snow than anticipated! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. It may be winter outside, but you have made your inside beautifully springlike!

  2. Winter never came here in Texas!! It's been a Spring like weather for the most part!! I love your tablescape, the theme, the bunny waiting patiently for better weather...❤️


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